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Broad, tunable constant phase angles made easy!

posted Jan 5, 2018, 3:48 AM by Khaled salama
Doctoral student Agamyrat is on fire having his 3rd first author paper accepted in less than 6 months. In this work, MWCNT reinforced PVDF-TrFE-CFE are used to fabricate electrostatic Fractional order capacitors.  Our approach controls the CPA of the FOC in the broad range of -65 to -7 which is the reported maximum CPA dynamic range for a defined 150 kHz to 2 MHz CPZ and allows the manipulation of the pseudo-capacitance value.  In comparison with previous studies, the fabrication process is simplified, and fabrication cost is reduced significantly. The dynamic range of tuning the CPA is also broadened. Finally, the fractional order Hartley-based sinusoidal oscillator is realized, and it is shown that the oscillation frequencies are increased almost 15 times compared to the conventional Hartley-based sinusoidal oscillator counterpart. All in all, we believe that an FOC from CNT-ferroelectric composite paves the way for reliable, robust electronic systems. This work was made possible through a generous grant (RGC/3/2385-01) from the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). More deatils can be found at:  A. Agambayev, K. H. Rajab, A. H. Hassan, M. Farhat, H. Bagci, and K. N. Salama Towards fractional-order capacitors with broad tunable constant phase angles: Multi-walled carbon nanotube-polymer composite as a case study Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2018.

Recent work by Agamyrat:

  1. Agamyrat Agambayev, Shashikant P.Patole, Mohamed Farhat, Ahmed Elwakil, Hakan Bagci and Khaled N.Salama "Ferroelectric Fractional-Order Capacitors", ChemElectroChem,  20174, 2807. doi:10.1002/celc.201700663 [news and news] [cover]
  2. Agamyrat Agambayev, Shashikant P.Patole, Ahmed Elwakil, Hakan Bagci and Khaled N.Salama "Tunable fractional-order capacitor using layered ferroelectric polymers", AIP Advances 7, 095202 (2017); doi: h10.1063/1.4991659