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Harry Potter's cloak around the corner

posted Apr 19, 2017, 12:19 AM by Khaled salama   [ updated Apr 22, 2017, 8:05 PM ]
A collaborative work with Prof. Hakan Bagic have been accepted at Physics Review B ("the largest and most comprehensive international journal specializing in condensed matter and materials physics and is ranked number one in total citations in condensed matter physics.").  In this work we show that plasmonic-like elastic materials can be engineered with potential applications in various areas including earthquake sensing or elastic imaging and cloaking.  The work can be found at:
M. Farhat, P. Y. Chen, S. Guenneau, K. N. Salama, and H. Bagci, “Localized Surface Platonic Modes via Flexural Mie Resonances,” Physics Review B, 2017, accepted [web][ Arxiv] 
This builds on our earlier work, where A new cloaking mechanism, which makes enclosed objects invisible to diffusive photon density waves, has been developed in a multi-university collaboration where a photon flow outside the cloak behaves as if the cloaked object were not present. More details at:
M. Farhat, P. Y. Chen, S. Guenneau, H. Bagci, K. N. Salama, and A. Alu, “Theory of Diffusive Light Scattering Cancellation Cloaking,” Proceedings of the Royal Society A, Vol. 472,  20160276 (2016) [web]; this paper was on [press coverage].