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One final paper for Abdulaziz Alhoshany

posted May 20, 2018, 1:10 PM by Khaled salama   [ updated Jun 26, 2018, 9:57 PM ]
Abdulaziz, the most recent PhD graduate from our group, managed to get the last and final chapter of his thesis accepted at the prestigious 
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement.  In a paper titled, "A Precision, Energy-Efficient, Oversampling, Noise-Shaping Differential SAR Capacitance-to-Digital Converter ", we propose an energy-efficient, noise-shaping SAR CDC (NS-SAR CDC) for high precision that achieves capacitive resolution in the attofarad range. The proposed CDC architecture combines the merits of noise shaping and SAR CDC. High capacitive resolution is achieved by the introduced oversampling and noise shaping techniques in the SAR architecture. Large parasitic capacitance can be tolerated, and the differential implementation provides robustness against common mode noise, noise coupling, and errors. In addition, the proposed architecture overcomes the parasitic-dependent conversion errors which make the CDC robust and insensitive to parasitic capacitances.  The proposed differential noise-shaping SAR CDC achieves 150aF absolute resolution and an energy-efficiency FoM of 187fJ/conversion-step.

Congratulations Dr. Abdulaziz Alhoshany