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Rawan publishes yet another paper on memristor crossbars :)

posted Aug 7, 2016, 1:23 AM by Khaled salama   [ updated Aug 14, 2016, 6:02 AM ]
Our work on the analysis and statistical distribution of memristor crossbar memories is accepted at the international journal of unconventional computing. This adds to our list of papers on the problem of sneak path

In this work, a novel approach is adopted to accommodate the sneak path and counter its effect on the memory reading. In contrast to the alternative techniques, where spatial and temporal solutions are applied to alleviate the distortion limitation and set a dynamic threshold, statistical measures benefit from the prior read data within the array. It builds upon the noise reduction and estimation principles, mainly borrowing concepts of coding and detection theory to enhance the access time and accuracy of the reading process.  More details can be found at following publications:
  1. Rawan Naous, Mohammed Zidan,  Ahmed Sultan, and Khaled Salama "Statistical Analysis for Memristor Crossbar MemoriesInternational Journal of Unconventional Computing, vol 12, n 4, pp 265-280, 2016 
  2. Rawan Naous, Mohammed Zidan,  Ahmed Sultan, and Khaled Salama, Pilot Assisted Readout for Passive Memristor CrossbarsMicroelectronics journal, Vol 54,  pp 48–58, 2016
  3. Rawan Naous., Mohammed Affan Zidan, Ahmed Sultan., and Khaled Nabil Salama., "Channel Equalization Techniques for Non-volatile Memristor Memories" IEEE 50th Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, pp. 111-116, 2016
  4. R. Naous, M. Affan Zidan, A. Sultan, and K. N. Salama, “Memristor Based Crossbar Memory Array Sneak Path Estimation,” 4th Memristorand Memristive Symposium, Notre Dame, USA