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Two Chaos papers accepted

posted Jul 5, 2013, 1:56 AM by Khaled salama
Masters students Mansingka and Barakat work on Random Number generators and image encryption using fully digital chaotic oscillators have been accepted for publication at the Microelectronics journal and IET imaging processing transactions. 

A. S. Mansingka, M. L. Barakat, M. Affan Zidan, A. G. Radwan, K. N. Salama, Fully Digital Jerk-Based Chaotic Oscillators for High Throughput Pseudo Random Number Generators up to 8.77 Gbits/s Microelectronics journal, accepted June 2013

M. barakat, A. Mansingka, A.G. Radwan and K. N. Salama,, Hardware Stream Cipher with Controllable Chaos Generator for Color Image Encryption, IET image processing, accepted June  2013