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Prime2018: Prague, here we come!

posted May 6, 2018, 7:56 AM by Khaled salama   [ updated May 6, 2018, 8:23 AM ]
We got three papers accepted at Prime2018.  PRIME has been established over the recent years as an important conference where PhD students and post-docs with less than one year post-PhD experience can present their research results and network with experts from industry, academia and research.   The work accepted is a nice collaboration between multiple groups and professors. These are the accepted papers:
  1. Aslihan Kartci, Agamyrat Agambayev, Norbert Herencsar and Khaled Nabil Salama, Analysis and Verification of Identical-Order Mixed-Matrix Fractional-Order Capacitor Networks.
  2. Agamyrat Agambayev, Aslihan Kartci, Ali. H Hassan, Norbert Herencsar, Hakan Bagci and Khaled Nabil Salama, Fractional-order Hartley oscillator.
  3. Abdullah Almansouri, Abdullah Alturki, Hossein Fariborzi, Khaled N. Salama and Talal Al-Attar, A 12.4fJ-FoM 4-Bit Flash ADC Based on the StrongARM Architecture.

PRIME 2018 conference program will reflect the wide spectrum of research topics in Microelectronics and Electronics, building bridges between various research fields. In addition to the technical sessions, opportunities for the conference attendees will be the keynote talks, workshops and social events. The main objectives of PRIME are: 
  1. to encourage favourable exposure to Ph.D. students in the early stages of their careers, 
  2. to benchmark Ph.D. research in a friendly and cooperative environment, 
  3. to enable sharing of student and supervisor experiences of scientific and engineering research, 
  4. to connect Ph.D. students and their supervisors with companies and research centres