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Micro and nano actuators based on carbon nanotube bundles

 The electromechanical properties of carbon nanotubes make them outstanding candidates for micro and nano actuator applications. In this project, we are studying the actuation behavior of bundles of nanotubes extracted from carbon nanotube forests. For all three projects, the growth of carbon nanotube forests, imaging and inspection, electrodischarge micromachining and experiments with the fabricated devices (such as actuation experiments), a thorough imaging and surface characterization of the Nanotubes (including high-resolution SEM, TEM, EDAX and RAMAN) will be performed at KAUST.

Carbon Nanotubes Forests:

CNTs are made from a sheet of single layer of carbon molecules folded to make a tube. They are extraordinary molecular structures and have exceptional strength due to hexagonal structure of the molecular arrangements. CNTs are excellent conductors of electricity, heat and light and are exceptionally light weight as well.